In-house : Occupational Safety & Health Awareness Workshop

In-house Program (2 Day) : Occupational Safety & Health Awareness Workshop

  • Venue: Malaysia or selected preferred locations
  • Language: Bahasa, English
  • Personalized trainer
  • Certification for completion of the program
  • Assistant and Photography

This Occupational Safety & Health Awareness Workshop is targeted specifically for those who work in warehouses and distribution centres, and it covers important topics like OSH legislation, safe work practice, safe lifting techniques, box cutter safety, materials handling, and much more. It’s ideal for showing new employees the right and wrong way of getting started, but it’s also a great refresher for existing workers as well.

The workshop will provide the participants with an indepth basic understanding of the main risks at warehouses and distribution centres and some of the steps that can safeguard the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors.

The programme contains information on the health and safety responsibilities accordingly to Malaysia Law (Occupational Safety & Health 1994 or OSHA 1994)

There are many aspects of health and safety involved such as:
fire safety and fuel storage; noise; manual handling; the safe use of work equipment; electrical safety; and possible exposure to hazardous substances.

The OSHA 1994 will apply to any event where there is a work activity.

After completing this programme, participants will:
ENABLE participants to acquire knowledge and implementation details of their roles & responsibilities with regards to OSHA 1994
UNDERSTAND the Occupational Safety & Health 1994 requirements
HIGHLIGHT the information on hazards at workplace  such as chemicals laundry, so as to mitigate the risk of accidents happening at the workplace
ENSURE warehouses and distribution centres management philosophy, policy and procedures conforms to Occupational Safety & Health 1994
IDENTIFY and unsafe work practices and take corrective actions
•  PREPARE a Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) and Safe Work Instruction
IMPLEMENT appropriate preventive measures to control risk
IMPROVE on emergency response and accident prevention

The programme focuses on a range of interactive activities – group and individual exercises, case studies and discussions. There will also be formal inputs of theory and models. The aim is to provide a focus for action that will maximise learning.

The approach used is “Experiential Learning” and is geared towards effective application of what has been learned in order to maximise the value of the course to both the individual participant and his/her organisation.

This program is suitable for Technicians, Supervisors, Officers, Managers who are responsible for the continuous implementation of a safe work environment and training of new and existing personnel on safe work habits.

• Introduction on OSH
• OSH Management System
• Accident Prevention Program

• Introduction on OSHA 1994
• OSH Policy and OSH Committee
• Relevant legislation

• Type of Hazards
• Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Environment
• Type of Accidents

• Type of Safety Inspection
• Safety Inspection Reports

• Site Exercise
• Video Session