In-house : Power Pack Marketing & Sales

In-house (2Day) Program : Power Pack Marketing & Sales

  • Venue: Malaysia or selected preferred locations
  • Language: Bahasa, English, Thai
  • Personalized trainer
  • Certification for completion of the program
  • Assistant and Photography

Why the need for effective marketing & sales strategies?
Selling, in the old days, was largely an act of personal heroism. Back then, the key to successful marketing is knowing the products and customers. An effective marketer would present his/her product or service in the best possible light, forge a bond with the buyer, and triumph over the competition.

However, this approach has little to do with sales in today’s real world. Customers today want more than products; they demand solutions that usually do not come in the package. Such sales takes a lot more than personal charisma, as these solutions must be designed, customized, and fashioned to meet the customer’s specific needs. Today’s selling approach incorporates consultation, analysis of customer needs, generating multiple solutions, and developing a sustainable system all at the most optimum cost.

This interactive workshop will discuss issues pertaining to effective marketing and sales skills. Participants will be given case studies to discuss and there will be role plays and simulation exercises throughout the training.

The objective of this training is primarily to address concerns regarding:
CURRENT sales approaches
METHODS to win the customers
IMPROVE motivation level
IMPLEMENT efficient tools to secure deals

Workshop methodology
Interactive lectures, role-play, case studies and simulation activities.

About the course facilitator:
Dr Kamal has a vast experience in conducting many training and workshop sessions. He has also been invited by several government agencies in the past to conduct workshop and team building sessions.

As a consultant, he conducts  various programs including training, CSR and research development. Dr Kamal also design KPI measurement process and performance management framework. Another important area of his job is looking into leadership development, applying structured problem solving skills, identify available tools to evaluate problems and look into resolution options.
He has also 4 International publications to his credit as well as authored a module on Leadership for a local academic institution. Due to his background in research, he is able to develop frameworks and tools specifically to cater the needs of his clients.

Dr Kamal has been, and continues to be the preferred choice consultant specializing in corporate excellence and bridging the generation gap at workplace. He works with corporate leaders and human capital division in developing comprehensive Executive Development Programs for employees.

Partial list of companies that have benefited from their training:

• Bakarkah Offshore Petroleum (Oil & Gas) • Continental Sime Tyres (Manufacturing) • TNB (National Electrical Company) • Royal Malaysian Air force  • Royal Malaysia Police • Agility Technologies (Software) • NTV7 (TV Broadcast) • Linatex Rubber Products, WEIR • Silver Ridge (Telecommunication) • Ministry of Woman and Family Malaysia (Government) • Ministry of Education Malaysia (Government) • Ministry of Health Malaysia (Government)

Conference Producer:

Suresh K Naidu