Personal Coaching

Topic List:

• Self Development
• Leadership Development
• Communication Management
• Cross-cultural Management
• Conflict Management
• Managing a Team
• Negotiation
• Sales & Marketing
• Business English

The Process:    
STEP 1: Pre-Coaching Interview
STEP 2: 1 hour Coaching Objective Conversation
STEP 3: 1 hour Action Coaching Conversation
STEP 4: Weekly 30 min virtual coaching  (8 weeks)
STEP 5: Closing Conversation

How does it work?:

PHASE #1: Coachability
The coach will meet with the potential coachee for a pre-coaching interview that takes about 15-30minutes.
The objective is to gauge if the coachee is coachable an if the coachee is self committed to change. If the change is forced upon by a sponsor, and not agreed to; by the coachee, the coaching sessions will not proceed.
PHASE #2: The Coaching Contract
Upon establishment of coachability, the coach will have an hour to determine the coaching objective – mainly using the Well Formed Outcome technique in 4 difference landscapes of the coachee.
PHASE #3: Overcoming Barriers
Here, an hour of action coaching is used to understand the coachee and get in depth into the inner game to identify and remove any blockages. Tasking will then precede to empower and enable the coachee to move forward with action.
PHASE #4: Supporting Performance
The coach will now support the coachee over a period of 8 weeks via 30minute conversations – virtually over Skype. This exercise is optional and a face-to-face session can be arranged.
Upon completion, a final closing conversation is conducted to iron out any shortcomings or future action plans that can help move the coachee to the next level.